What is Vibration Training?

How does it work?

The science behind this well researched advancement in the fitness/wellness industry lies in the effect of gravitational load on the body’s muscular and nervous system.  The high speed up and down movements of the platform you exercise on causes stretch reflexes, which in turn cause a tremendous amount of muscle activity.  Even in static exercises all of the muscles involved are working at their optimum level.

Positive training results quickly and easily

All of the effects of strength and fitness training can also be achieved using vibration training – but in a much shorter time and with a lot less exertion than when using traditional training methods. This is mainly due to the intensity of the stretch reflexes the muscles go through, and the way the body reacts to this. If you want to gain strength and improve your fitness, you have to increase the influence of gravity in order to stimulate your body to adapt to those more demanding circumstances.

Scientifically proven advantages

Because of the low amplitude of the platform (2 mm maximum), the body will only experience the advantages and none of the drawbacks of high G-forces. The effects of vibration training have been scientifically proven: increased muscle strength, improved stamina, enhanced coordination, superior equilibrium, enhanced flexibility, increased blood flow, improved bone density, increased explosive power, pain reduction, positive effect on cellulite and more efficient burning of damaging abdominal fat than in traditional fitness.